I am Byeongjee Kang. Welcome to my website.


About Me

I am an undergraduate student at POSTECH, double major in computer science and mathematics. My research interests include programming languages, logic, software verification, and compiler.


Research Experiences

  • Research on distributed computing system (2018~2020)
    • developed and researched to improve task scheduling of MR3, an execution framework for big data processing

Engineering experiences

  • Full-stack web developer at Zuzu Legal (2020 ~ 2021)
    • alternative military service
    • Zuzu Legal is a captable management service in Korea
    • used Python Django, TypeScript React, GraphQL, GCP and etc.
  • Blockchain core engineering at CodeChain (2020)
    • alternative military service
    • developed and maintained CodeChain Foundry, a programmable open-source blockchain engine written in Rust



  • Korean (native)
  • English (proficient)